Customer’s Acceptance of New Trading Software (UWT) 2/2020


  • Arumugam Raman Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Yahya Don Universiti Utara Malaysia


AbanteCart, Online marketing, Shopping software, TAM Model


This study aimed to help Unitrade West (UW) company to understand the acceptance of online shopping technology, which AbanteCart. The researchers were able to identify 1125 customers of the UW company to measure the acceptance level of the web-based shopping cart. Modified TAM model was used to measure the acceptance level of current customers. The questionnaire was sent via Google form to each customer and analysed using SmartPLS 3.1. The result PEU >PU= (β=0.4210, p<0.05); PEU>AU= (β= 0.3470, p<0.05), PU>AU=( β=0.2450, p<0.05); AU > IU= (β=0.1350, p<0.05); and PU>IU=(β=0.1526, p<0.05), have significant relationship. All five hypotheses are accepted. The R2 value is 0.471 tells that 47.1% variance explained by predictor variables. The finding shows that the AbanteCart software is still relevant in online trading purposes. The company was advised to update the current version and continue to use it as the present customers accept it.


2021-01-03 — Updated on 2021-01-03