Applicability of RFID in Higher Education


  • Arumugam Raman


RFID, Higher education, Technology, Security Sensors


The paper aims to identify the applicability of RFID in higher education. Being one of the most robust wireless communication technologies, RFID can be applied to wireless applications in different fields. In order for the higher education sector in Malaysia to improve the teaching system and administration of institutions, it should take advantage of the adoption of RFID to improve the quality of education in higher education. In order to ensure that students are best provided, educational sectors should be encouraged to invest more in the growth and advancement of RFID technology. Given the difficulties and obstacles of integrating RFID technology, refinements and enhancements to RFID technology should be the highlight of academic discussions among decision makers and stake holders in the higher education ministry. RFID is also viewed as an IOT precondition. If all everyday objects were fitted with radio tags, computers could recognise and inventory them. When the RFID readers are linked to the Internet terminal, they can identify, track and control objects attached to tags globally, automatically and in real time as necessary after they have been distributed around the globe. This is one of the many advantages of the Internet of Things in the future especially in the Industrial Revolution 4.0